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Elevating radiologists

Nines is the first-of-its-kind teleradiology practice. Our radiologists and engineers are on a mission to build world-class tools in-house to enable the best radiologists to deliver the best patient care.

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Our radiologists work closely with the best engineers to build the tools they need rapidly, effectively and safely.


Nines Radiology is built on the proven track record of the world’s best radiologists who have offered state-of-the-art care at major hospital systems for decades. Our radiologists are passionate about improving patient care. We partner with top institutions and radiologists, including Mount Sinai Health System.

Data Scientists and Engineers

Nines Labs is a clinically-focused team of engineers and data scientists who have kickstarted several technology revolutions. Now we are building products designed to give radiologists more of what they need and less of what they don’t.

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Teleradiology that doctors and patients trust

Elevate Our Customers

We build to make our radiologists and our customers more effective. Nines supercharges our customers by offering actionable teleradiology reports delivered in a timeframe they can count on.

Empower Radiologists

Nines is the most rewarding place to be a radiologist. Our happy, trusted radiologists create state-of-the-art technology to prioritize patient care. Nines radiologists grow their careers in collaboration with our academic partners and contributions to cutting-edge AI.

Unlock Next-Level Care

We’re built for constant innovation. Radiologists, engineers, and data scientists are working together to develop the technology of tomorrow in an effort to continuously improve patient outcomes.

Our vision is for radiologists to focus on what matters most for patients.

We are building to assist our radiologists with the urgent and routine, and everything in between.

We are designing technology to detect the most important cases.

Our tools are being developed to analyze every scan for emergent findings that may require immediate attention, and highlight subtle findings to assist radiological review.

We envision a world where we read what matters first.

Nine's mission is to build tools that help our radiologists deliver prioritized care to the patients who need it most.

Nines radiologists can be empowered to deliver the best possible care.

Combining the world’s best radiologists with Nines technology will be a win for both customers and patients.

CAUTION – Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use. Please note that Nines’ investigational devices are not available for clinical use, and are not currently employed by Nines teleradiology practice.

Guided by experienced radiology leaders

Nines’ distinguished radiologists and advisors bring insights from years of innovation and expertise running top radiology practices around the world.

Burton Drayer, MD

Advisor, Nines

Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD

Advisor, Nines

Max Wintermark, MD, MBA

Advisor, Nines

Curtis Langlotz, MD, PhD

Advisor, Nines

Alexander Kagen, MD

CMO, Nines

David S. Mendelson, MD

Advisor, Nines

Matt Lungren, MD, MPH

Advisor, Nines

Russell Stewart, MD, MBA

VP, Clinical Affairs Nines

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We’re looking for people to join our mission of improving patient care with the latest technology. We care about our employees – free food, healthcare plans, attractive equity packages, unlimited PTO, $600 monthly commuter stipend, gym memberships, and more!

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